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What is dog training? I've always believed that it is an activity that should help us, human beings, better understand and communicate more efficiently with our pets. After all, we do belong to different species, we have different priorities, we rely on different sensorial abilities and definitely speak a very different language. By personal experience, I have realised after many years working with people and their pets, that what we really need is to develop a simple set of words, or better a basic vocabulary, that allows us to communicate with our dogs, hence control our dog's behaviour. 

My main objective, during our training session is therefore, to teach you and your dog the basic commands like: the dog's name, come, sit, down, stay, heel, and leave. With the use of Operant Conditioning we can lay the essential foundation of dog training and understand the dynamics at work behind any training method, only then we can truly say that we can communicate and control our pets' behaviour. My hands-on training sessions are interesting, funny, intense and rather involving for both the dogs and their owners. As we are all different and relate to other living beings in our own distinctive way, I tend to recommend different training techniques based on your predisposition and character. All these methods are kind, reward based, effective and simple to comprehend, so that they can be applied by all individuals and members of the family, consistency is the key for success. Our dog training course spans over the period of 6 weeks, during which a weekly training session takes place in the comfort of your home. Together we will review the exercise and progress to the next command, I will accompany you every step of the way, until you feel confident enough to have mastered your training skills and you have gained full control over your pet. I hope I have stimulated your interest enough for you to enquire and find out more about what you and your pet could potentially achieve by getting involved with dog training. Whether you are starting afresh with a new puppy or you have acquired a rescued or relinquished pet, or simply you just want to refresh your dog training skills, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss your requirements

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